Weathermatic - SmartLink AirCard - SL-AIRCARD-M1NA

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SmartLink Aircards

  • Provides web-enabled connectivity to secure cloud-based servers using cell networks.
  • New firmware is automatically added as features become available
  • Installs in minutes by simply plugging into communication port in the controller and activating


Tired of fighting your sprinkler system controller? Tired of having to go out to your garage or deck in the dark to make adjustments? Take control of your sprinkler system and all its features no matter where you are! With SmartLink by Weathermatic you can access you system controller using the dependable cellular network connection.

Want to give control of your system to your landscaper? No Problem! By simply logging in they can now turn your system on or off instantly, adjust run times on the fly, or be alerted of problems within moments of them happening!

Save money on the water you use or on costly city fines by ensuring that your system never runs when it shouldnt. And if there is ever a problem with the system, you will be alerted immediately instead of hours later when you find the problem yourself when you get home. The SmartLink system is not only an investment in your lawn, its an insurance policy against fines, water waste and costly repair problems.


Installation & Quick Start Guide

Contractor Brochure

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