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Weathermatic - 2'' Flow Sensor Tee - SLFSI-T20

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SLFSI-T20 - 2'' Tee (Slip) Type Insert Flow Sensor Used with the SmartLink Flow Aircard

  • Detect leaks, broken heads, lateral and main line breaks
  • User defined low/high flow limits, by zone
  • Automatic shutdown of both master and/or zone valve when flow limits are exceeded



  • Molded Mounting Tee for improved control of dimensions for more consistent measurement and improved performance at low flow.
  • Threaded Retaining Nut instead of retaining pin makes it easier to service in a valve box, more moisture resistance for electronics resulting in longer life.
  • Unique 4 bladed lightweight impeller measures lower flow rates. Detects flow as low as 20% of published minimum rate of other impeller sensors
  • Smart electronics detection system contains a micro-processor for better signal filtering and conditioning. Detection circuit also contains superior over-voltage and overcurrent protection.
  • Affordable enough to install on nearly all new and old systems.

Professional Materials

  • Impeller “ HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Shaft “ Tungsten Carbide
  • O-ring ” Buna-N
  • Saddle, Sensor Housing, Retaining Nut ” Type 1 PVC

Pressure Rating

150 PSI @ 90º F

Temperature Range

32º F to 140º F (0º to 60º C)

Output Signal

  • Frequency Range: 0.3 Hz to 200 Hz
  • Output Pulse: 5 ms +/-25%

Transducer Performance

  • Quiescent current: 600 uA@8 VDC to 35 VDC max.
  • Quiescent voltage: (VHigh)= Supply Voltage “ (600uA X Supply Impedance)
  • On State: (VLow)= Max. 1.2 VDC@50mA current limit, (10Ω +0.7VDC)

Flow Range 

  • 0.25 to 12 FPS
  • 2'' tee: 2.8 to 170 GPM

Electrical Cable

  • 2 single conductor solid copper U.L. listed #18 AWG leads with direct burial insulation
  • Lead length: 48 inches
  • Wiring may be extended up to 2,000 feet with direct burial, twisted pair shielded cable

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