Rain Bird - XFFMA075 - XF Drip Adapter - 17mm x 3/4'' MPT

Save 29%
  • XFF Drip Adapter
  • 17mm Barb x 3/4" Male threaded
  • Operating Pressure: 0 to 50 PSI; If using 60 PSI, clamps will be required.

Rain Birds 17mm barbed insert fittings are used with all Rain Bird XF Series Dripline, including XFD Dripline and XFS Subsurface Dripline. They have been redesigned and can now be installed over twice as fast as other barbed fittings.

When youre installing the new XF Insert Fittings, you quickly notice that less force is required to securely attach the fittings. This will reduce hand fatigue and will save you time and money.


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