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LIMITED TIME - Free Shipping Over $69!

Rain Bird - IQ4644 - 4G IQ External Antenna for IQNCCGP

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  • GPRS/Cellular External Antenna IQ4644 (Previous Part #IQ-EXTANT-GP) (for Metal Case Enclosures)

Rain Bird IQ Platform

The new IQ Platform delivers powerful remote water management tools so you have more control over your irrigation systems right from your computer, tablet or smartphone. To use IQ, you will need an ESP-LXME, ESP-LXMEF or ESP-LXD Controller with a Network Communication Cartridge (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular).

Go to and take control now.

Features & Benefits

  • Communication
    • Automated satellite Synchronize & Retrieve Logs and Weather Source Retrieve Weather Data communication
    • Automated Email Alarm/Warning and Satellite Station Run Time Reports
  • Programming
    • Satellite PIN-Code Protection (4-digit PIN-Code required to make programming changes at the satellite)
    • Satellite 2-Way Programming (changes made at the satellite can be viewed and accepted in the IQ software)
    • Copy/Move Satellite Utility (copy or move a satellite to another site)
  • ET Management
    • Automated MAD (Management Allowed Depletion) Irrigation Scheduling adjustments
    • Software uses Irrigation Association terminology and formulas
    • 4 ET Checkbooks per satellite controller
    • ET/Rainfall Weather Sources include:
      • IQ Global Weather - local weather data including rainfall available through the Internet
      • CIMIS Internet Service (California only)
      • Rain Bird WS-PRO LT Weather Station - Rain Bird WS-PRO2 Weather Station
  • Flow Sensing
    • Retrieves minute-by-minute flow logs from flow sensor-equipped ESP-LXMEF and ESP-LXD Satellite Controllers
    • Flow Logs vs. Projected Flow Graphical Report (identifies which programs & stations were running at any point in time)
    • Actual Flow Totals added to Satellite Station Run Time Report

Previous Part Number: IQ4GEXTANT



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