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Rain Bird - IQ-NCC-EN - Ethernet Communication Cartridge

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IQ-NCC-EN Network Communication Cartridges: Ethernet Cartridge with RJ-45 Wi-Fi Adapter.

Upgrades any ESP-LX Series Controller to an IQ Central Control Satellite Controller.

Network Communication Cartridges upgrade ESP-LXME, ESP-LXMEF, ESP-LXD and ESP-LXIVM Series standalone controllers to IQ satellite controllers capable of being controlled by the IQ Platform. The communication cartridge connects to the back of the controller faceplate and provides the communication link between the IQ central computer and the remote site controllers



  • IQ-NCC-EN Ethernet Cartridge
  • Includes embedded Ethernet Network Modem with RJ-45 port
  • Includes RJ-45e patch cable (requires LAN network static IP address)
  • Requires Static IP Address. Use the Ethernet Cartridge with Wi-Fi adapter for Wi-Fi Connection
  • Used for Direct or Server Satellite applications requiring Ethernet LAN network communication with the IQ central computer


  • IQ is the perfect irrigation control solution for parks departments, school districts, property managers, landscape maintenance contractors and water managers. IQ can manage small single-controller sites as well as large multi-controller sites. IQ NCC cartridges are compatible with the ESP-LXME Controller with 1 to 48-station capacity, ESP-LXD Decoder Controller with 1 to 200-station capacity, ESP-LXIVM Controller with 1 to 60-station capacity and ESP-LXIVM Pro with 1 to 240 station capacity
  • IQ NCC cartridges are initially configured through a setup wizard provided in the ESP-LX Series Controller IQ Settings dial position. Communication setting parameters are configured through the IQ software or the NCC Configurator Software designed for netbook/laptop use on the job site

Direct Satellites

  • Single controller sites would use an IQ NCC cartridge configured as a Direct satellite. A Direct satellite has an IQ central computer communication connection but no network connections to other satellites in the system

Server & Client Satellites

  • Multi-controller sites would use one IQ NCC cartridge configured as a Server satellite and the other NCC cartridges configured as Client satellites. The Server  satellite has an IQ central computer communication connection and shares this communication connection with the Client satellites though high-speed data cable or radios. The communication connection between Server and Client satellites is called the IQNet™
  • Satellites on a common IQNet can share weather sensors and master valves
  • Server and Client satellites using high-speed data cable for IQNet communication require installation of an IQ CM Communication Module. Server and Client satellites using radio communication for IQNet communication require installation of an IQSSRADIO radio. Each cartridge kit includes cables to connect the NCC cartridge to connection module and/or radio

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