Rain Bird - FSMLXME - Flow Smart Module for ESP-LXME

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  • Combine the Flow Smart Module with Rain Bird® Flow Sensors for precise and accurate flow monitoring
  • Provides flow learning, logging and problem reaction for Rain Bird ESP-LXME series controllers
  • The Flow Smart Module features the Learn Flow utility and flow usage totalizer.
  • Flo-Watch protection for high and low flow conditions with user defined reactions.
  • Compatible with the Advanced Flow Sensing Software Feature Pack
  • Retrieves minute-by-minute flow logs from flow sensor equipped ESP-LXMEF and ESP-LXD Satellite Controllers.
  • Flow Logs vs. Projected Flow Graphical Report (identifies which programs & stations were running at any point in time).
  • Actual Flow Totals added to Satellite Station Run Time Report (included in Automated Email Reports)
Standard with the Rain Bird® ESP-LXMEF Controller and available as an upgrade to the ESP-LXME Controller, the Flow Smart Module provides flow learning, logging and problem reaction. This innovative tool is also compatible with IQ v2.0 Central Control and the Advanced Flow Sensing Feature Pack.

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