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LIMITED TIME - Free Shipping Over $74!

Rain Bird - 100ASVF - 1'' Plastic Residential Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve w/ Flow Control - Female Pipe Thread

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  • 1 plastic residential irrigation valve Female Pipe Thread (FPT)
  • Combination reliable DVF valve and atmospheric backflow preventer in one unit
  • Incorporates all features of DV/DVF Series valves
  • I.A.P.M.O. and A.S.S.E listing approved
  • City of Los Angeles listing approved
  • All of our valves work with any standard sprinkler timer

Rain Bird manufactures only the highest quality valves. Use ASVF series valves in locations where the use of a separate pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a double-check valve is required by city codes to protect against back flow. Check your local city codes to determine what type of valves are required.

Installation Notes

  • Anti-siphon valve must be installed upright
  • Anti-siphon unit must be installed at least 6" (15,2 cm) above the highest point of water in the pipe and sprinklers it serves
  • No valve can be located downstream of the anti-siphon valve
  • Anti-siphon valves must not be subjected to operating pressure for more than twelve (12) hours in any twenty-four (24) hour period.
  • Uniform Plumbing Code Sec. 1003 (2) 602.2  Consult local codes

Operating Temperature

For use in cold water only, less than 110° F (43° C)

Electrical Specifications

  • 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (cycles per second) solenoid power requirement:
  • 0.30 A (7.2 VA) inrush current
  • 0.23 A (5.5 VA) holding current
  • Solenoid coil resistance: 38 Ohms

Flow Range

0.2 to 40 GPM (0,05 to 9,08 m3/h; 0,01 to 2,52 l/s). For flows below 3 GPM (0,75 m3/h; 0,21 l/s) or any Xerigation® products application, use RBY-100-200MX filter installed upstream.

Operating Pressure

15 to 150 psi (1,0 to 10,4 bar)


Product ID: B73100
Product Model: 100ASVF



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