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Rhizol - Onion - Microbial Soil Inoculent

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A unique, all-natural, organic soil amendment formulated to strengthen soils and root systems, resulting in increased crop yields, accelerated plant growth, greater resistance to soil-borne diseases, and reduced water and fertilizer usage.

This Rhizol product is manufactured in a soluble powder for specific crop
targets and available in varying acreage sizes. Offered in case packs for 200 and 400 acres, formulated for Onion Crops.


  • Organic, non-toxic to people and the environment.
  • Affordable, easy to use, and you can't overuse.
  • Increases crop yield and improves overall crop health.
  • The microbial isolates contained in Rhizol™ have been tested in various soil, environmental, and crop situations for more than 30 years.
  • Rhizol™ is both a soil enhancer and soil inoculant that strengthens root systems, promotes plant growth, and increases yield.
  • Rhizol™ is all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and proven safe and effective for all applications.
  • Rhizol™ is easy to use with existing irrigation and watering systems.
  • Rhizol™ is intended for all types of growers, from large-scale farmers to organic and home gardeners.
  • Rhizol™ produces robust, healthy and disease-free plants that can thrive under stressful environmental conditions.

Rhizol™ is completely organic and contains significantly higher concentrations of microbial isolates than any other soil amendment or bio-pesticide found in the market today. Rhizol™ works to improve yields and protect plants even when used in conjunction with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Rhizol's 3 Pillars

  1. Greater Yields - Rhizol re-invigorates the soil biome, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. Tests show Rhizol application successfully increases yields by 10% to 40% depending upon the crop.
  2. Greater Health - Rhizol strengthens soils and root systems, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. Tests show Rhizol application builds soils and root systems to better resist soil-borne pathogens and nematodes.
  3. Greater Resiliency - Rhizol revitalizes and conditions soil. It makes soil more resistant to droughts and environmental stress. Tests show water is retained as much as five times longer in Rhizol treated soils.

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