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NDS - FWBP24 - Flo-Well System Bottom Panel

by NDS
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Inserted on the bottom of the assembled Flo-Well Dry Well Side Panels, the bottom panel prevents soil erosion under the dry well and provides a solid, stable base when adding a pump into the tank to send collected water to another location. No gravel is needed beneath the Flo-Well Dry Well Tank when using the bottom panel. Works in all soil conditions. The Flo-Well Dry Well System is used to detain and slowly release collected stormwater runoff. With the Bottom Panel, it can also work as a reservoir. Flo-Well Dry Wells can be stacked for additional capacity. Secure a bottom panel on the lowest Flo-Well tank to prevent erosion of the soil beneath the entire system.

  • Structural Foam Polyolefin round Flo-Well® bottom with UV inhibitors. 24" diameter with six 1 1/2" leaching ports. 4.5" center knockout for strut coupling.
  • Bottom panel works with NDS Flo-Well Dry Well Tank and Cover Kit as part of a larger drainage solution - FWAS24WH
  • When assembled with the Flo-Well Dry Well Kit, the system is ideal for both residential and commercial locations including yards, playgrounds, golf courses, and wash-down areas and an alternative to raingardens and bioswales
  • Attach Bottom Panel underneath assembled Flo-Well Dry Well Side Panels
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • The durable bottom panel turns the Flo-Well Dry Well into a reservoir for pond and waterfall recirculation pumps
  • The bottom panel works with the Flo-Well Dry Well Kit (FWAS24WH Kit includes three side panels and top cover)
  • Easy to Install; insert onto bottom of Flo-Well Tank (assembled side panels and cover) and place in prepared hole
  • Comes with 1 bottom panel for the Flo-Well Stormwater Dry Well System




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