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NDS - DS-114 - Dura Slope Channel Drain (11.72'' to 12.06")

by NDS
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DS-114 - 11.72'' to 12.06" Deep Dura Slope Channel Drain. Gray.


  • Length: 4'
  • Width: 6-5/8"
  • Inner Depth: 11.72" - 12.06"
    • 11.72" end connects to DS-113, DS-224 End Cap or DS-227 End Outlet
    • 12.06" end connects to DS-224 End Cap or DS-227 End Outlet


    • Grates sold separately (ADA Compliant, Require 2 grates per Dura Slope Channel, Grate Screws included with Channel Drain)
    • Comes with Blank grate inserts that eliminates use of plywood. Slides for overlapping of channel sections, and includes grate screws.
    • Dura Slope™ installs in a snap - No extra screws or clamps needed at installation
    • Interlocking tongue and groove joints for secure alignment and easy installation
    • Duraloc integral joint lock to prevent joint movement
    • LeveLoc™ integral re-bar supports located at 24'' intervals - grips #3 or #4 re-bar to help level the channel during installation.
    • Made of HDPE material for high durability. Durable, traffic rated up to H20 rating.
    • Lower installed cost than polymer concrete. Fewer parts required.
    • Light in weight, Dura Slope™ channels can be installed by one person.
    • Bottom outlet on each channel section. System versatility that requires fewer accessories.
    • Pipe Outlet Sizes: 3'', 4'', 6'', 8'' Pipe (6'' & 8'' Pipe Connection require use of universal catch basin)
    • Universal catch basin. (Sold Separately)
    • Can be installed for Foundations, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools, Driveways, Dog Kennels, Garages, Marinas, Saunas & Spas, Patios, Hot Tubs, Nurseries, Golf Courses, Gas Stations, Loading Docks, Warehouses, Tracks, & Much More!

    NDS Dura Slope™ is a 6-5/8” wide, 4' long trench drain system with a built-in slope of 0.7%. Each channel section is molded of gray structural foam polyethylene with UV inhibitors and has a 4” inside diameter with a 2” radius bottom. The system consists of 4-foot channel sections including 24 pre-sloped channel sections and 9 neutral channel sections. The sloped channel sections enable the system to extend to a length of 96 feet with a continuous slope. Add neutral channels to extend the system run to an excess of 132 feet. By incorporating central collection through the use of the catch basin assembly, the Dura Slope™ system can be extended to lengths up to 266 feet.

    Pre Sloped Run Lengths:

    • 96 feet of continuous slope
    • 132 feet w/ neutral sections added
    • 194 feet of continuous slope (by incorporating Universal Catch Basin)
    • 266 feet w/ neutral sections added (by incorporating Universal Catch Basin)



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