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NDS - 81 - 6" Round Atrium Grate, Gray

by NDS
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6'' Round Atrium Grate
  • Fits: Spee-D Basin, 6'' Sewer and Drain Pipe and Fittings, 6" Corrugated Pipe
  • Place on top of drain pipe or drain fitting for a soil-tight fit
  • Ideal for draining light water flows from planter beds, mulch areas, window wells, and areas prone to debris collection; where debris like mulch and leaves might clog a flat grate.
  • Unlike a flat grate that lies flush with the surface, the 6'' Atrium Grate has a raised dome design that blocks leaves, mulch, and other debris near the base, while continuously allowing water to flow through the top.

Use to drain excess water and direct it to a more water safe area such as a curb or gutter. Atrium grates are ideal for planter beds, mulch areas, window wells, and areas prone to debris collection. Can be used with 6" sewer and drain pipe and fittings, 6" corrugated pipe and Spee-D Basin Series. Open surface area 28 sq. in.


Product type: Grates
Material: HDPE
Color: Gray
Length: 3.88 in.
Width: 3.88 in.
Height: 5.75 in.
Weight: 0.62 lb
Style: Atrium
Capacity: 86.88 GPM
Grate Opening: 1/4''



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