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NDS - 420 - 3'' & 4'' Pop-up Drainage Emitter

by NDS
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Pop-Up Drainage Emitter for 3'' & 4'' Drain Fittings
  • Fits: 3” and 4” sewer and drain pipe/fittings
  • Releases collected water up to 56 GPM
  • Supports pedestrian traffic including lawn tractors, when properly installed
  • Cap on cover pops up as high as 1 in. once water pressure builds and closes as flow diminishes; when not in use, cap stays closed to keep debris and rodents out of drain
  • Flange design prevents grass from growing over the cover
  • Flat profile design reduces trip hazard posed by open drain; closed position keeps emitter flush to the ground and safe from lawn mower blades
  • Use 3 or 4 in. fitting such as an elbow to connect to 3 or 4 in. S&D or triple-wall pipe; use adapter (1241) with fitting to connect to 3 & 4 in. single-wall corr. pipes or 4 in. Sch. 40 pipe; use multiple Pop-Up Emitters for larger drainage problems

Pop-up Drainage Emitters allow water captured by grates, catch basins, channel drains, Flo-Well, EZflow, downspouts and roof gutter systems to flow through drainage pipe and away from structural foundations to safe or useful areas. As water pressure builds, the cap "pops up" as high as 1'', disperses water at up to 56 GPM, and closes once the flow diminishes. Cap remains closed when not in use to prevent debris and rodents from entering and potentially clogging the drainage system. The flat profile design blends discreetly into the surrounding landscape. Rounded contours on interior edges reduce the potential for clogging and internal ribs provide durability and strength. Flange design prevents turf overgrowth. The Pop-Up Drainage Emitter connects to 3'' and 4'' sewer and drain fittings which connect to sewer and drain pipe and triple-wall pipe; connects to other pipe types using appropriate adapters.




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