NDS - 1/2'' Blank Drip Tubing 500' Roll - A 700/500 (Black)

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SKU A 700/500

Premium quality 1/2" Black Polyethylene Tubing (.600 ID x .700 OD) is available in lengths of 500. The poly drip tubing, commonly referred to as drip irrigation tubing, blank tubing, distribution tubing. PE tubing or drip hose, is used as the primary drip irrigation installation supply line, into which micro tubing, drip emitters, drip line or micro sprinklers are attached to deliver water to the plant areas.

  • Use with our wide range of 1/2" compression fittings with .700 OD
  • The poly drip tubing can meet any demand for above and below grade micro irrigation systems for gardening, landscape and agricultural installations
  • Can be used with other manufacturers brands of the same size of outside diameter tubing

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