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Melnor - 2-Zone Automatic Water Timer - 63100

by Melnor
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2-Zone Digital Water Timer - A better way to water

Schedule watering when your plants need it most! Water as often as every hour, 24 times a day or as little as once a week. Set how long to water from 1 minute all the way up to 6 hours. Easily care for your plants while saving time and money with a 2-Zone digital water timer. Simply set how often and how long you want to water and let the timer do the work for you. Need to fill a bucket up or spray off the deck? Just use the Manual watering option. If rain is in the forecast, use Rain Delay to pause the watering for up to 7 days and it will automatically start again when the delay is over. Whether you are home or away, make sure you never forget to water again! Need additional information or assistance? Leave feedback or ask a question with our messenger!

Larger Screen

The larger rectangular screen is bigger to better display information for the simplest setup and programming that can easily be seen at a glance. 


 Flexible Scheduling

 Every garden is unique with different watering needs. Flexible scheduling allows you to water exactly how you want to, with independent start times. 

 Manual Mode

Manual mode allows you to use the faucet when you need it. Simply select manual mode on the timer to temporarily override the schedule. 

 Rain Delay

When it rains and you dont need to water, just use the rain delay to pause the schedule for up to 7 days. 

 Attach a Variety of Tools

Sprinkler, soaker hose, or pulsator! Whatever tool you want to use can be easily attached and specifically programmed. 









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