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LIMITED TIME - Free Shipping Over $69!

K-Rain - 3202ID-WiFi-Kit - WiFi Enabled Pro EX 2.0 Modular Irrigation Controller, Indoor 110V

by K-Rain
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The PRO EX 2.0 WiFi Enabled Controller offers proven power and functionality with the convenience of world-wide control through your smartphone, tablet or web browser! Easily and securely sync with homeowners’ or business’ WiFi, manage multiple accounts and increase your productivity tenfold! You will appreciate the easy programming and installation too!

Pro EX 2.0 WiFi enabled indoor base unit (3202ID) with;

  • 3205 - 4 station expansion module
  • 3209 - WiFi hub
  • 3206 - RF module w/ short range antenna
  • 110 VAC plug pack transformer.
  • Free iOS/android apps.


  • Manage accounts via smartphone, tablet or web browser- flexible control, from anywhere around the world
  • Streamlined installation/programming- easy step-by-step process
  • Free iOS/Android app - never pay a subscription fee
  • Weather IQ™ – Uses local weather conditions to bypass irrigation schedule in wet conditions.
  • Station Delay/Overlap Programming - Permits additional time between stations or dual operation for issues like well recovery, slow closing vlaves and water hammer.
  • Hot-swappable 4 and 14 Station Modules- Allows simple controller upgrades from 4 to 28 stations while controller is in operation.
  • Patented Full Program Display – One screen shows watering days, number of start times, number of stations and special programming.
  • Large Backlit LCD Screen- Permits maximum viewing for all installations.
  • AM/PM or 24 Hour Clock Settings- Allows user to choose the time format that is most desirable.
  • Flexible Operation- Manual or remote operation.
  • Manual Start- Allows manual program operation at the push of a button.
  • Wire Management System - Is made easy with vertical station terminal strips allowing full use of the cabinet.
  • Permanent Memory- Non-volatile memory saves program during power outages.
  • Diagnostic Circuit Breaker- Identifies and isolates stations with valve or wiring problems while allowing remaining program to continue.
  • Advanced Diagnostic- Visual and/or audible alerts when programming errors or other conditions have been detected and are preventing operation.
  • Buried Valve Locate Feature- Aids in locating buried valves in field.
  • Rain Sensor Ready- Allows programming of individual station(s) operation to be controlled by sensor.
  • Flow Sensor Ready– Connects directly. Has high/low flow abort settings and provides flow data capture.
  • Sensor Bypass Switch- Global override of active sensor for all stations.
  • Master Valve/Pump Start Ready- Permits programming for individual station(s) operation as needed.
  • Valve Test Terminal (VT)- Quick and easy matching of field wires with station during installation.
  • Dedicated Sensor Terminals- Enables direct sensor installation for maximum watering control.
  • Default Programming- Allows program to be saved and recalled without having to reprogram the controller.
  • Permanent Day Off- Set any day of the week, regardless of programming, as a non-watering day.
  • Seasonal Adjust- Conserves water by allowing quick and easy global adjustment of watering times from 10-200%.
  • Built-in Level – Makes leveling the unit easy.

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