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K-Rain - RPS75I-360-CV - 3/4" RPS Rotor w/ 360 Degree Arc & Check Valve

by K-Rain
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K-Rain RPS 75i rotor is designed for residential and light commercial applications. This new addition to K-Rains line of rotors retains all of the features and benefits of the RPS 75 and delivers even more! To reduce the radius and distance in other rotors on the market, the nozzle must be changed or the break-up screw must be engaged. These steps limit the maximum reduction to 25% and cause uneven watering.

With the RPS 75i, a simple turn of the patented Flow Shut-Off controls distance and water flow proportionately‚ up to 50%. The RPS 75i delivers even water distribution, eliminates dry spots and provides better zone performance while saving water. All of this in just one rotor‚ the right rotor for every landscape!

The Continuous 360° is the perfect fit for a central location in an RPS® 75i based irrigation system. With rotors that are not continuous 360°, there is a portion of the pattern which receives too much water distribution, resulting in uneven coverage and damaging the health of the lawn. The RPS® 75i-360° solves this problem.

This model has a Continuous 360 Degree Arc Rotor and a pre-installed Check Valve to prevent low head drainage.

Intelligent Flow Technology


  • Reduce Distance and Flow Rate Proportionately
  • Save Time on Every Project - New or retrofit
  • Rugged RPS Family Construction
  • Conserves Water
  • Superior Uniformity
  • Fewer Zones Required
  • Improved Hydraulics


  • Inlet: 3/4" (1,9 cm) Threaded NPT
  • Arc Adjustment Range: Continuous 360°
  • Flow Range: .4 - 9.7 GPM (1,5 - 36,7 LPM)
  • Pressure Rating: 30 - 70 PSI (2,1 - 4,8 bar)
  • Precipitation Rate: .22 - 1.37 in/hr (6 - 35 mm/hr)
  • Overall Height (Popped Down): 7 3/8" (19,7 cm)
  • Recommended Spacing: 17 - 45 (5,2 - 13,7 m)
  • Radius: 13 - 48 (4 - 14,6 m)
  • Nozzle Trajectory: 26°
  • Low Angle Nozzle Trajectory: 11°
  • Nozzles Included: 8 Standard, 4 Low Angle
  • Riser Height: 4" (10,2 cm)

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