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K-Rain - 3202ID - Pro EX 2.0 Modular Irrigation Controller, Indoor 110V

by K-Rain
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The Pro EX 2.0 Modular Irrigation Controller can be easily expanded from 4 to 28 stations. Enjoy the flexibility of running up to 28 zones when adding new 14 station expansion modules. The largest backlit display on the market, user-friendly programming and responsive touch pad takes Pro EX 2.0 to a whole new level for irrigation controllers. The new optional remote capability expands irrigation control right in your hand. 

WiFi enabled - simply add the WiFi Hub 3209 and RF Module 3206.

*4 station indoor model, 110v AC plug pack transformer.


  • WiFi enabled –Syncs with WiFi to allow functionality through a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Remote access and alerts. Optional proprietary WiFi booster.
  • Station Delay/Overlap Programming - Permits additional time between stations or dual operation for issues like well recovery, slow closing vlaves and water hammer.
  • Hot-swappable 4 and 14 Station Modules- Allows simple controller upgrades from 4 to 28 stations while controller is in operation.
  • Patented Full Program Display – One screen shows watering days, number of start times, number of stations and special programming.
  • Large Backlit LCD Screen- Permits maximum viewing for all installations.
  • AM/PM or 24 Hour Clock Settings- Allows user to choose the time format that is most desirable.
  • Flexible Operation- Manual or remote operation.
  • Manual Start- Allows manual program operation at the push of a button.
  • Wire Management System - Is made easy with vertical station terminal strips allowing full use of the cabinet.
  • Permanent Memory- Non-volatile memory saves program during power outages.
  • Diagnostic Circuit Breaker- Identifies and isolates stations with valve or wiring problems while allowing remaining program to continue.
  • Advanced Diagnostic- Visual and/or audible alerts when programming errors or other conditions have been detected and are preventing operation.
  • Buried Valve Locate Feature- Aids in locating buried valves in field.
  • Rain Sensor Ready- Allows programming of individual station(s) operation to be controlled by sensor.
  • Flow Sensor Ready– Connects directly. Has high/low flow abort settings and provides flow data capture.
  • Sensor Bypass Switch- Global override of active sensor for all stations.
  • Master Valve/Pump Start Ready- Permits programming for individual station(s) operation as needed.
  • Valve Test Terminal (VT)- Quick and easy matching of field wires with station during installation.
  • Dedicated Sensor Terminals- Enables direct sensor installation for maximum watering control.
  • Default Programming- Allows program to be saved and recalled without having to reprogram the controller.
  • Permanent Day Off- Set any day of the week, regardless of programming, as a non-watering day.
  • Seasonal Adjust- Conserves water by allowing quick and easy global adjustment of watering times from 10-200%.
  • Built-in Level – Makes leveling the unit easy.


    • Station Run Times: 1 second to 6 hours for all stations
    • Number of Programs: 3
    • Number of Automatic Start Times: 4 per program
    • Program Watering Schedules: Custom (day of the week), Interval (1-31 days), Odd (odd calendar days), Even (even calendar days)
    • Power Input: 110VAC ± 10% 60Hz
    • Power Output: 24VAC 1.25Amp
    • Power Backup: Lithium coin-cell battery maintains time and date during primary power outages while the 4 AAA batteries allow for remote programming and LCD viewing.
    • Multi-Valve Operation: Up to three 24VAC solenoid valves

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