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K-Rain - 7075 - 3/4'' ProSeries 100 Valve NPT

by K-Rain
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The K-Rain 7075 ProSeries 100 Valve is a reliable valve, that offers a straight-through flow pattern that reduces the risk of trapped debris that causes other brands to fail. It has both an internal bleed and external bleed screw in addition to optional flow control.

The inside diameter (ID) is 3/4" (2,5 cm) NPT. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy Duty, Corrosion and UV Resistant PVC Construction- Increases the life of the valve.
  • Tilt Diaphragm/Piston Assembly- Allows for a straight flow path of water, increasing the flow rate while reducing friction loss.
  • Debris Tolerant Design - Offers flexibility for use in potable or dirty water applications.
  • Manual External Bleed Screw- Provides for manual operation in system start up.
  • Manual Internal Bleed Through Solenoid- Permits manual operation without discharging water outside valve.
  • Flow Control with Removable Handle - Delivers precise flow adjustment to the zone and allows you to remove the handle to prevent tampering (Except NFC).
  • Captured Plunger - Remove the solenoid without losing the internal plunger.
  • Self Cleaning Metering Screen- Screen is in turbulent flow of water for self-cleaning action during operation.
  • Five Year Limited Warranty

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