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Hunter - PCM-1600-KIT - Upgrade Kit for 16-station Plug-in Module

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The Pro-C controller is supplied with a base 4-station module. Additional modules may be added separately in increments of 3 stations (PCM-300), 9 stations (PCM-900), or 16 stations (PCM-1600). In total, the system may be expanded up to 23 stations.

NOTE: To expand your controller to 16 or 23 stations with a PCM-900 or PCM-1600, respectively, install one PCM-300 in the first expansion slot (stations 5–7). Then install the PCM-900 or PCM-1600 in the upper two expansion slots. These modules will not fit or operate in any other station output slot.

  • This Kit contains 1 x PCM-1600 module and a new Pro-C Faceplate that allows for 23 station programming ability.

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