Hunter - HFS - Flow-Sync Sensor for ACC, ACC2 & I-Core Timers

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Flow-Sync sensor, use with I-Core, ACC, and ACC2 controllers, sensor requires FCT fitting for pipe installation.

Hunter HFS Flow Sensor for ACC Timers

Flow-Sync sensor, use with ACC and I-Core controllers, sensor requires FCT for pipe installation. The Flow-Sync is a simple and economical solution for metering and reacting to actual flow conditions. A proven water saver, the Hunter Flow Sync (HFS) connects to the ACC and I-Core controllers to measure actual flow, and provides automatic reaction to high or low flow conditions during irrigation. The Flow-Sync is designed for use on pipe sizes up to 4 inches. When installed in conjunction with a master valve, the HFS can be a key source in preventing water waste resulting from line breakage.

This section will give you a brief overview of some of the components of the Flow-Sync system.

Flow-Sync Diagram

  • A - Impeller
  • B - O-rings
  • C - Wires
  • D - Flow-Sync Tee
  • E - Plug
  • F - O-rings
  • G - Cap
  • H - Cover

Note: FCT Tees are ordered for the desired pipe diameter separately from the Flow-Sync.

Hunter HFS Flow

Product Details

  • Simple two wire connection to ACC and I-Core controllers (up to 1000 ft/300 m)
  • Feeds flow data (gallons or liters) to controller, for flow recording and monitoring purposes
  • Robust waterproof construction (used with appropriate FCT tees for pipe diameter, see table)
  • Provides station level flow monitoring for reaction to high or low flow conditions
  • Prevents damage and waste from leaks and breaks in piping system
  • Recommended pressure range: 0 - 220 PSI
  • Pressure Loss: 0.13 PSI
  • Wiring: 2 x direct burial, 18 AWG or greater, color-coded or marked for polarity, up to 1000 from controller


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