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LIMITED TIME - Free Shipping Over $69!

Hunter - FCT-150 - 1-1/2" PVC Sensor Receptacle Tee (slip)

by Hunter
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The FCT-150 tee fitting is a 1.5'' Sensor Receptacle Tee designed for glue (slip) connection.

  • Tee fitting only, HFS Flow-Sync Sensor must be purchased separately.
  • Robust waterproof construction (used with appropriate FCT tees for pipe diameter, see table)
  • Prevents damage and waste from leaks and breaks in piping system
  • Recommended pressure range: 0 - 220 PSI
  • Pressure Loss: 0.13 PSI

The Flow-Sync is a simple and economical solution for metering and reacting to actual flow conditions. A proven water saver, the Hunter Flow Sync (HFS) connects to the ACC and I-Core controllers to measure actual flow, and provides automatic reaction to high or low flow conditions during irrigation. The Flow-Sync is designed for use on pipe sizes up to 4 inches. When installed in conjunction with a master valve, the HFS can be a key source in preventing water waste resulting from line breakage.


  • Simple-insertion flow sensor for metering and reacting to real-time flow conditions
  • Provides station-level flow monitoring for reaction to high- or low-flow conditions, helping to protect against flood damage and erosion
  • Compatible with Hunter ACC2 and legacy ACC and I-Core™ Controllers, as well as ICD-SEN Sensor Decoders, for flexible installation in a variety of settings
  • Compatible with ICC2 Controller via Centralus communication modules
  • Easy connection up to 1,000' from controller or sensor decoder
  • Sensor is pre-calibrated for K-factor and Offset based on pipe size, allowing for quick setup and programming within the controller




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