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LIMITED TIME - Free Shipping Over $69!

Hunter - ACC-99D - 2-Wire Decoder Controller w/ 99 Station Capacity (Metal Cabinet)

by Hunter
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Hunter ACC-99D 2-Wire Decoder Controller

The ACC Controller was discontinued in 2022. However, we still have a few of original ACC controllers in stock that are warrantied for 5 years from 2022. Please email if you have any questions.

    Key Benefits

    • Number of stations: 1 to 99 with Hunter ICD Decoders
    • 6 automatic programs (10 start times each)
    • SSGs (Simultaneous Station Groups) to consolidate large systems
    • Built-in Solar Sync® logic for smart water savings
    • Real-time flow monitoring detects and diagnoses leaks with optional flow sensor
    • Detailed alarm logs in plain language
    • Programmable Rain Delay after sensor shutdown
    • Easy Retrieve™ programming backup and restore
    • Non-Water Windows to inhibit accidental irrigation
    • Cycle and Soak, Delay Between Stations


      • Number of stations: 99 decoder stations
      • Operates Hunter's premium ICD decoders over ID wire:
        • Up to 15,000' (12 AWG wire)
        • Up to 10,000' (14 AWG wire)
      • Up to 6 two-wire paths for maximum flexibility
      • 1-,2-,4-, and 6-station ICD decoders plus ICD-SEN sensor input decoders

      Operating Specifications

      • Transformer input: 120/230 VAC
      • Maximum AC current draw: 120 VAC, 2A/230 VAC, 1 A
      • Transformer output: 24 VAC, 4 A
      • Station outputs: 0.56 A
      • 2 P/MV outputs (24 VAC): 0.325 A each
      • Simultaneous program operation: Up to 6 automatic programs
      • Sensor inputs: 4 Clik, 1 Solar Sync, and 1 Flow sensor
      • Warranty period: 5 years

      User-Installed Options

      • Solar Sync smart weather sensor
      • Flow sensor including Flow-Sync, WFS, and other approved equals
      • ROAM/ROAM XL license-free remote control (pre-wired controller connection)
      • Communication modules for IMMS central software



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