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DIG - LEIT-1 Controller w/ Actuator for 3/4''-1'' Manual Anti-Siphon Valve- LEIT 1 MVA

by DIG
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LEIT 1 Manual Valve Actuator

DIG’s LEIT 1™ single-station solar powered controller with an actuator is used to retrofit a 3/4” or 1” manual anti-siphon valve. Powered by a photovoltaic module with a patented microelectronic energy management system, the LEIT 1™ requires no batteries or direct sunlight to operate and it is used above grade in any location where there is ambient light. Distinguished among the LEIT-1™ features are 20 preset monthly historical Evapotranspiration (ET) programs for spray heads and drip irrigation, with an editing feature that can be used as part of the controller programming.

Actuator Specifications:

  • Actuator type: retrofit
  • Assembled with 3/4” adapter with seat-washer; also includes a 1” adapter with washer in the package
  • Operating pressure range: 20-150 PSI (1.4-10.5 BAR)
  • Materials:
    • Actuator housing and bonnet: nylon reinforced
    • Diaphragm: NBR (Buna-N)
    • Spring and plunger: stainless steel 430F
    • Bonnet bolts: Stainless Steel
  • Plunger rubber cap: EPDM
  • O-ring: Buna-N


  • No direct sunlight required
  • Environmentally friendly with no backup battery or AC power necessary; uses clean, renewable solar power
  • Power is provided by an internal, high-efficiency photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system fueled by ambient light
  • Simple, icon-based intuitive programming
  • Simple Smart™ historical ET feature automatically adjusts irrigation schedules monthly
  • Power level meter indicates the approximate charge (energy available)
  • Used to retrofit a 3/4″ or 1″ manual anti-siphon valve
  • On activation, the controller indicates if irrigation is set to water for the day and if any of the additional programming features are active
  • Daily and monthly programming restriction options to comply with city and municipal watering restrictions
  • Semi-automatic and manual operation with timed countdown to off
  • Program On/Off button allows the user to turn off the controller and reactivate it as desired
  • Retractable coiled cord for easy programming and review
  • Utilizes RoHS compliant components
  • Reset option allows erasing of all programs to default settings except time, day and date
  • Non-volatile memory holds programs indefinitely without batteries, except date and time
  • Completely waterproof (IP68)
  • Rain sensor connection included
  • Built-in flow control with internal or external manual bleed override for Manual ON/OFF
  • Rugged, reinforced self-cleaning diaphragm provides reliable operation even with contaminated water
  • Internal bleed via the solenoid for system checkup and testing
  • Captured solenoid plunger and spring for easy maintenance
  • Three-year warranty

    Features & Benefits

    • Power source: ambient light (PVM)
    • Controller power input: 3,000 -100,000+LUX
    • Seven keypad buttons with Integrated liquid crystal display
    • Operating pressure: 10-150 PSI (.7-10.5 BAR)
    • Temperature range: 14°F to +130°F (-10°C to +54°C)
    • Solenoid: 7-12 VDC, two-way latching, normally closed
    • Solenoid control orifice: .065 (1.65 mm)
    • Solenoid thread: 11/16 inch-12 UN male thread
    • Retractable solenoid wire: 8.1 (coiled length when extended, approximately 36 in.)
    • Sensor connection: Normally Closed 6" (15 cm) yellow wire (16 AWG)
    • Solenoid adapter: 11/16"-12 UN female thread x 3/4”-20 UNEF male threaded


    • Controller housing: High impact plastic
    • Solenoid housing: glass reinforced nylon
    • Plunger & spacer: 430F stainless
    • Plunger rubber cap: EPDM
    • O-ring: Buna-N
    • RoHS

    Programming Features

    • Custom programming schedules with a weekly calendar, odd days, even days, or intervals from one to thirty (1-30) days utilizing yearly calendar with leap year
    • Five start times per day
    • Durations up to 5 hours and 59 minutes in one-minute increments
    • 20 preset historical ET programs available for 10 climate zones, with 10 for drip irrigation and 10 for spray heads, to use with any irrigation setup and including the option to review the new calculated duration
    • Monthly seasonal adjustment with option to reduce the program duration setting to 0 or to increase it up to 200% in 5% increments without modifying the controller's program duration; also can be used to fine-tune the preset ET program for each month
    • Irrigation suspension for up to 99 days with auto-restart; resumes irrigation automatically
    • Program Off button allows the user to turn off the controller and reactivate it as desired
    • Manual On/Off button with semi-automatic feature utilizing the program runtime and shows the time left to run with quick override
    • Daily and monthly programming restriction feature allows controller to bypass irrigation schedules. Can be used to comply with city and municipal watering restrictions

    Owner's Manual

    Quick Start Guide




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