DIG - Barb Emitter - TOP-000

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The TOP concept is designed for first time installations or retrofitting an existing sprinkler riser into an efficient 12-Outlet drip irrigation system. The TOP concept utilizes unique self cleaning, pressure compensating emitters enabling long runs with even water distribution from all outlets.

  • Allows for 12 individual pressure compensating, self flushing emitters, in multiple flow rates, while incorporating a self flushing dseign to ensure effortless passage of water and minimize clogging (sold separately)
  • Interchangeable emitters available for variable flow rates in a single head (sold separately)
  • Color-coded barbs easily identify flow rate at each zone (sold separately)
  • Each emitter individually filtered - approx 80 mesh
  • Backup mini-disk filter
  • Rugged materials to withstand the most adverse conditions
  • Install above grade or place below grade in a 6" emitter box
  • Operating Pressure: 15-50PSI
  • Used with 4mm distribution tubing
  • Inlet size: 1/2" in. NPFT
  • Filter requirement: 120 mesh

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