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DIG - 1'' MPT Plastic Filter w/ Stainless Steel Screen (155 Mesh) - P19-155

by DIG
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Used for residential and commercial applications. Simple and easy to operate, the filters provide reliable, low-maintenance filtration for trouble-free operation.

Features and Benefits
Low friction loss
Screens have excellent resistance to most common chemicals
Color coded replacement screens
Includes flush valve
Easy maintenance: screen can be extracted from filter for easy cleaning
Non-corrosive materials
Interchangeable screen and disc elements with a wide range of filtration degrees

Operating Pressure: Up to 120 PSI (8.4 BAR)
Temperature Range: Up to 130?F (54?C)
1" MNPT x 1" MNPT
155 mesh stainless steel screen

Housing: Polypropylene
O-ring: EPDM

Chemical Resistance
Very good resistance depending on concentration and temperature.
Excellent resistance to most mineral acids
Alkali: Limited resistance depending on concentration and temperature
Excellent resistance to low concentrated lyes. Not recommended for use in highly concentrated lyes

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