DIG - 120 Mesh Polyester Screen Filter 3/4" - P30-120D

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Designed to be used with disc elements for greater operation efficiency. Series P30 filters provide a reliable, low maintenance solution for the growing demands of any low-volume irrigation application.

DIG -Mesh Disc Replacements for Filter Models P30 and P31

Replacement Disc - 80 Mesh (YELLOW)
Replacement Disc - 120 Mesh (RED)
Replacement Disc - 150 Mesh (BLACK)


DIG 3/4" MNPT XL FILTER with 80 Mesh Disc (YELLOW)
DIG 3/4" MNPT XL FILTERwith 120 Mesh Disc (RED)
DIG 3/4" MNPT XL FILTERwith 150 Mesh Disc (BLACK)


DIG 1" MNPT XL FILTER with 80 Mesh Disc (YELLOW)
DIG 1" MNPT XL FILTER with 120 Mesh Disc (RED)
DIG 1" MNPT XL FILTER with 150 Mesh Disc (BLACK)

DIG - P30-120D

Dig 3/4"MNPT XL Filter

Preassembled with a 120 mesh disc. (red)

  • Sediments accumulate on the outer face of the stacked discs, allowing clean water to flow through the stacked discs out of the middle of the filter
  • Disc elements provide in-depth filtration to retain organic matter
  • Discs have excellent resistance to most common chemicals
  • Easy maintenance; the discs can be extracted for easy cleaning
  • Interchangeable disc and stainless steel screen elements provides a wide range of filtration degrees
  • Filter inlet position changes with disc or screen
  • Operating Pressure: up to 120 PSI
  • Temperature Range: up to 130 degrees farenheit
  • 3/4" and 1" MNPT inlet and outlet

Filter Materials:

Housing: Polypropylene
O Ring: EPDM

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