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DIG - 12-Outlet Drip Manifold Kit - 2 GPH (12 Plants) - PC12100

by DIG
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DIG's Maverick Twelve-Outlet Drip Kits are used to retrofit an existing ½" sprinkler riser into a twelve outlet drip irrigation system without altering or increasing the flow of the sprinkler system zone. The twelve-outlet drip manifold utilizes extremely accurate pressure compensating individual and interchangeable nozzles to ensure equal flow from each outlet over a wide range of operating pressures from 10 to 80 PSI. The Kit allow installation flexibility when incorporated into a new system. Each kit manifold contains a twelve outlet drip irrigation manifold with 2 GPH pressure compensating drip emitters, twelve stakes, eight caps, twelve bug plugs and twelve color-coded converter barbs to convert the 1/8" outlet for use with ¼" micro tubing. Additionally the MAVERICK PC12100 kit contains 100' 1/8" micro tubing.


  • Operating pressure: 10 to 80 PSI
  • Recommended operating pressure:10 to 60 PSI 
  • Flow rates: 
    • Model PC12100: 2 GPH per outlet with green drip emitters
  • Inlet size: ½" with female pipe thread (FNPT)
  • For use with 1/8" micro tubing with .187 OD or ¼" with .140 to .170 ID utilizing the converter barb
  • Materials:
    • Body and cover: high impact plastic
    • Filter: nylon
    • Diaphragm: Silicon


  • Applies water at a low application rate leading to less surface evaporation.
  • Available with 360° micro sprinklers, inserts for 90°, 180° and strip patterns .
  • The large diameter micro sprinkler has uniform water distribution.
  • Offers flexibility in irrigation frequency and application rate, minimizing runoff.
  • Designed for new and existing landscapes, including slopes and oblong areas.
  • Outstanding crack resistance, UV protected.


  • 1 Maverick 12-outlet drip manifold with 2 GPH per zone
  • 8 plugs to close any unused zones
  • 12 converter barbs for 1/4" micro tubing
  • 12 bug plugs for 1/8" micro tubing
  • 12 tubing holder stakes
  • 1 100' of 1/8" micro tubing
  • 1 Instruction manual

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