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DIG - 1 GPH Drip Emitter w/ Check Valve - PCA-010-CV (100 Pack)

by DIG
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PC drip emitter with a built in check valve that allows for higher irrigation
uniformity and production in bench pots or hanging baskets. The PCA
pressure compensating dripper with built in check valve provides uniform
flows of .3, .5 or 1 GPH to each bench pot, basket, or container for higher
value crops, water savings, and improved plant production and quality.

"¢ Ideal watering solution for long laterals,
pulse irrigation, and light soil including
pots and hanging baskets
"¢ The check valves provide consistent flow
and reduces lateral filling time, supporting
water savings
"¢ Colored barbed cap outlet enables easy
identification of dripper flow rate
"¢ Barb outlet can be configured to work
with 1/8" micro tubing for branching from
the dripper
"¢ Unaffected by fluctuating inlet water
"¢ Composed of superior materials for a
long life

"¢ Operating pressure: 10-50 PSI
(.7-3.5 BAR)
"¢ Required opening pressure:
4.3 PSI (.3 BAR)
"¢ Closing pressure: 2.2 PSI (.15)
Flow rates and color codes:
"¢ .3 GPH (1.1 L/H) color code gray
"¢ .58 GPH (2.2 L/H) color code brown
"¢ 1 GPH (3.8 L/H) color code black
"¢ Inlet size: 1/4" barb, outlet size: 1/8" barb
"¢ Filter requirement:
"¢ 120 mesh for .58 GPH (2.2 L/H) or lower
"¢ 150 mesh for 1 GPH (3.8 L/H) or higher
"¢ Material:
"¢ Body and cover: polypropylene
"¢ Diaphragm: silicon

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