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Armada Technologies - Pro800D - HI-Power Wire and Valve Locator

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The Armada Technologies Pro800D™ Hi-Power wire and valve locator is designed to track underground wiring and find lost sprinkler valves. In addition, broken or severely damaged wires may also be located.

The complete Pro800D Kit consists of:

  • (1) Pro800R Receiving Wand
  • (1) Pro800T Transmitter and Carrying Case
  • (1) ProH1 Mono Headset
  • (1) ProGS1 Ground Stake
  • (1) Set of Black/Red Connecting Leads
  • (1) Operating Manual

Precision Technology at its Finest

Incorporating all of the features of the standard Pro700, the technologically advanced Pro800D offers several features you simply cant find in other similarly priced wire and sprinkler valve locators:

  • 8 D Cell Transmitter Power
  • Triple AC Buzz/Noise Rejection
  • 20% more transmitter power
  • Wireless broadcast mode for simple cable connection
  • Null or peak tracking receiver/wand
  • Stereo Headset included

Analog, Multi-feature Workhorse

The Pro800D will accurately track irrigation wires, find missing valves, and detect major damage to vulnerable underground cables. It offers all of the features you would expect from a premium wire and valve locator: adjustable transmitter power for optimal performance, a long, lightweight receiving wand for easy tracking, and a rugged custom case. Additionally, the Pro800D has enhanced AC noise and interference rejection, high power output, and an inductive mode which puts a tracing tone on a cable without physically connecting to the target cable. By using this mode, it is unnecessary to disconnect target cables. Finally, the receiving wand incorporates membrane switch controls, the option of peak or null reception, and both an external speaker and headset jack. Truly, the Pro800D is one of the premium wire and valve locators on the market today.


  • Power output - 950v P-P
  • Transmitter battery - 8 D Cell Alkaline
  • Receiver battery - 1 9v square (included)
  • Distance - up to 4,000 feet
  • Depth - up to 8 feet
  • Weight - 8 pounds (entire contents)
  • Warranty - 12 months from date of purchase

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