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Armada Technologies - Pro700 - Wire and Valve Locator

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The Pro700 Wire and Valve Locator incorporates a powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver to track irrigation wires, find missing valves, and detect serious damage to vulnerable underground cabling. The Pro700 transmits an easy to follow tracing signal that is tracked by the extended length receiver. The Pro700 builds on the success of the original Pro600 model. This provides a clearer, cleaner sound. The Pro700 also has enlarged analog meters for easy viewing of power levels, and a simple battery check button to test the condition of batteries in the transmitter and receiver.

Professional Sprinkler Wire and Valve Locator for Commercial Contractors

The Pro700 Underground Sprinkler Wire and Valve Locator is a tried and true solution for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel. The Pro700 has been in production since 2008 and was the first wire and valve locator to use external speakers, D batteries, and a longer wand than the old tiny PVC pipe and tackle box.  Incorporating a powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver, the Pro700 tracks irrigation wires, finds missing valves and detects damage or cuts to vulnerable underground cabling.  The Pro700 has a proven track record of 10 years of finding these problems.

The Pro700 model builds on the success of the original Pro600 wire and valve locator model. Our Pro700 includes an extra-long metal wand for easy tracking, the option of using an external speaker instead of a headset when listening for a signal and D batteries for power.

We have also included the following features:

  • A 27-inch receiving wand
  • D battery transmitter power
  • Analog meters for easy viewing of power levels on the transmitter and receiver
  • Stereo KOSS headset.  Easy to replace stereo vs hard to find mono headsets

Wire and Valve Location Simplified

The Pro700 model simplifies wire and valve location by transmitting an easy-to-follow beeping signal tracked by the extended receiver. Simply connect the transmitter to ground and to the underground wire to be tracked, and then turn it on. Follow the beeps with the receiver using the visual meter, external speaker or a headset. Its really that simple!  If you dont believe us, check out our YouTube channel ArmadaTech, chocked full of over 30 How to videos that explain various testing issues, including how easy a Pro700 is to operate.

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