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Armada Technologies - Pro48K - Solenoid Activator/Chatterbox Kit

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The Complete Irrigation System Test Kit for Contractors

Now With DC Latching Capability

The Pro48K Multi-Function Irrigation System Test Kit is a complete portable, battery-operated irrigation system diagnostic kit priced for ownership. This kit consists of a Pro48 Solenoid Activator, the Pro210F Tone Probe and a Pro21 soft carrying case.

A Powerful Workhorse Testing Kit For Any Contractor

Pro210F Tone Probe & Pro48 Solenoid Activator - Together with the Pro210F Tone Probe, the Pro48 can transmit a tracing tone and identify wires using traditional tone/probe methods. Operation is simple, as LEDs indicate tests and conditions.

Pro21 Carrying Case - Both the Pro48 and the Pro210F units can be kept in this durable soft zippered carrying case.

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