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LIMITED TIME - Free Shipping Over $69!

Armada Technologies - Pro48 - Solenoid Activator/Chatterbox

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Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation System Tester

  • Activates and holds solenoids open (including DC latching).
  • Generates and traces 1Khz tracing tone
  • Checks clock 24v power output
  • Tests for open or shorted wiring
  • Uses (2) 9v batteries (not included)

*Made from a heavy duty plastic case, the highly visible yellow Pro48 sprinkler solenoid activator is designed for rugged use in the field.

A Powerful tool any technician can afford

Irrigation problems are often problems with the electrical portion of the sprinkler system.  Sprinkler systems work on the idea that 110 volt AC is converted to 24 volt dc and sent down the wires leading to a solenoid attached to a valve at the appropriate time.  If any of these electrical components fail, the system fails.  The Pro48 tests all of the critical electrical components and does so in an easy to follow LED system that walks a user through the process component by component.  This system of checks tests out the clock or controller first, then the wires, and finally the solenoid, which are all of the electric components of a sprinkler system.  So with a Pro48 tester, a user quickly determines which of these 3 parts is at fault. 

The Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation System Tester is a value-priced tester for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel. This is important because no technology works if you cant afford it.

Why Rely on the Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation System Tester?

Sprinkler solenoids can be checked using either activation or chatter modes. Lost or buried solenoids are quickly found as well by listening for the chatter or "chatterbox" function. Wiring can be verified and tagged with the built-in tone generator function. Clocks also are tested for proper 24vac output with a simple LED power check.

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