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Spring Showers and Drainage: Managing Water in Your Yard and Garden

Spring Showers and Drainage: Managing Water in Your Yard and Garden

Amy Gray |

February was the hottest on record across the United States, leaving much of the United States in (Punxsutawney Phil called it!) an early Spring. I know here in Georgia we have already seen temperatures surpass the 70’s and with the heat, have come the infamous Spring showers. My rain meter recorded 5 inches of rain in the last 6 days, with more on the way. We’ve had flash flood warnings across northern and central Georgia. I can hear the usual sleepy, empty creek roaring behind the garden.

All this rain might have you wondering, how much rain is too much in your yard or garden? A good rule of thumb is your garden only needs an inch of water a week, while grass in your yard might prefer a little more with an inch and a half of water per week. So what do you do during the torrential downpours of Spring?! The answer is drainage. Drainage in the garden starts in the soil. Soil should be amended with drainage additives like perlite and sand. You might have heard of peat moss, additives like peat moss should be avoided due to its negative environmental impact and controversial growth health. With amended soil, rain water will run through the soil. If your yard is uneven, this soil drainage can result in water pooling.

With the heaping amounts of rain comes a good time to check your yard for drainage issues. Ensure your yard has proper drainage to avoid washing out your landscape or drowning your plants. If you see any unwanted puddles or pooling of water throughout your yard, Cheap Sprinklers has the solution for you! Cheap Sprinklers offers a variety of drainage solutions, including catch drains and drain grates from all your favorite brands. Check out our drainage collection before the next rainfall!

Remember a healthy garden starts from the ground up!