Rain Bird - ESPLXDBUNDLE - Rain Bird ESP-LXD Controller Bundle

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Bundle Inludes:

  • (1) ESP-LXD Controller
  • (15) FD101 Decoders
  • (3) LSP1TURF Surge Protectors
  • (40) DBRY Wire Connectors

ESPLXD Controller

The ESP-LXD controller has been designed to maintain the look, feel and ease of programming of the ESP-LXM controller but with an interface to a two-wire path for decoder-based irrigation. The ESP-LXD controller can manage up to 50 stations but can easily be expanded for use with up to 200 stations. Flow Management is also built in to every ESP-LXD controller. The ESP-LXD provides flexible features and modular options that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including light-commercial, commercial and industrial irrigation systems.

  • 50 station base capacity, expandable to 200 stations using hot-swappable modules
  • 2-Wire decoder-based irrigation reduces wire and simplifies troubleshooting
  • 4 Independent programs with capability to overlap
  • Supports up to 5 master valves, 5 flow sensors, 4 weather sensors and a variety of upgrades
  • Same easy-to-use programming interface as other ESP series controllers
  • 6 user-selectable languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German & Portuguese
  • UV-resistant, outdoor-rated plasting locking wall-mountable case
  • Built-in flow management software
  • Requires controller electrical pigtail for power connection (sold separately)

Easy to Use
The ESP-LXD Controller utilizes the Rain Bird® ESP Extra Simple Programming user interface. The dial, switches, and buttons interface, which Rain Bird first introduced in the 1980s, is easy to learn and use and has become a standard controller interface for the irrigation industry. The large LCD display incorporates softkey text labels for the button functions rather than dedicated buttons.

Easy to Install
The ESP-LXD Controller has a spacious case and eight lugs for up to four two-wire paths (which are all managed as a single two-wire path) making installation fast and easy. Multiple size wiring knockouts are provided on the bottom and back side of the case to adapt to a wide variety of wiring applications. The door and front panel are removable so the case can be easily mounted to the wall.

Advanced Features
From Cycle+Soak to Contractor Default Program, the ESP-LXD offers innovative features proven to cut installation expenses, troubleshooting time and water use.

Unprecedented Flexibility
A modular design makes the ESP-LXD the perfect fit for a range of large residential and commercial projects€�from the straightforward to the most complex.

50 to 200-Station Capacity
Included with every ESP-LXD is the ESP-LXD-M50 module, a "double-wide module which snaps onto two adjacent mounts on the controller backplane. The ESP-LXD-M50 module includes the lugs for attachment of the two-wire path cables. For even more capacity, simply add one or two SM75 expansion modules (sold separately) to handle up to 200 stations from a single controller.

Built-In Flow Management
Built in to every ESP-LXD module is Rain Bird€„¢s Flow Smart software for flow management - simply attach one to five SD-210 sensor decoders and flow meters (not included) to the two-wire path, and the controller will do the rest. FloManager® ensures you don€„¢t overtax your water supply, while Flo-Watch quickly identifies and isolates high or low flow situations, such as mainline breaks.

FD Series Field Decoder - Signal Line, Individual Valve

  • Operates one automatic irrigation valve
  • Fully waterproof; mount inside a valve box or direct burial
  • Address pre-coded from the factory (no switches)
  • Easy, cost-effective installation, expansion and upgrade for Rain Bird ESP-LXD and/or SiteControl 2-wire decoder systems
  • Installed out of sight and protected from the elements and vandalism
  • Enables advanced diagnostics and sensor features
  • Use with Rain Bird DB Series Wire Connectors for the most reliable, water-tight connections

2-Wire, 1-Line Surge Protection

Rain Bird Field Decoders provide easy, cost-effective installation and expansion for SiteControl Decoder or ESP-LXD Decoder Central Control Systems. Decoders are installed out of sight to help protect them from the elements and vandalism.

  • Line surge protector for use with Rain Bird 2-wire decoder systems
  • Required every 500 feet along a 2-wire path
  • Not necessary with FD-401TURF or FD-601TURF which include built-in surge protection

DB Series High Capacity Waterproof Wire Connectors

  • Includes red wire nut and direct bury silicon-filled tube
  • Ideal for use on two wire decoder control systems
  • Use for standard controllers, valve boxes and soil moisture sensors
  • Wire combinations ranging from 22GA - 8GA
  • Use on connections from 24 VAC - 600 VAC
  • UL 486D listed as a sealed wire connector system
  • The Strain Relief ensures wires are secure and wont pull apart
  • Waterproof silicone grease protects against corrosion
  • UV- material ensures product performance does not degrade even after long periods of exposure to sunlight

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