Rain Bird - IQNCC3G - 3G Network Communication Cartdrige w/ 1 Year Service

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Upgrades the ESP-LX Series Controllers (ESP-LXD or ESP-LXME models) to be weather based smart controllers using internet based weather data.

Requires Sim Card with static IP Address.

  • Includes embedded 3g/Cellular Data Modem with antenna connector
  • Includes internal antenna for plastic controller enclosures(optional external antenna available for metal case controller enclosures)
  • Requires Cellular data service plan with static IP address from Cellular Service Provider
  • Available with 1st year of communication service included. Cartridge with included communication service not offered in all areas

NOTE: Wireless communication devices require a wireless site survey

IQ is the perfect irrigation control solution for parks departments, school districts, property managers, landscape maintenance contractors and water managers. IQ can manage small single-controller sites as well as large multi-controller sites. IQ NCC cartridges are compatible with the ESP-LXME Controller with 1- to 48-station capacity and ESP-LXD Decoder Controller with 1- to 200-station capacity.

IQ NCC cartridges are initially configured through a setup wizard provided in the ESP-LX Series Controller IQ Settings dial position. Communication setting parameters are configured through the IQ software or the NCC Configurator Software designed for netbook/ laptop use on the job site.

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