NDS - D1000-SB - RES 10''x15''x10'' Box and Drop-in Lid (Black Body/Green Lid)

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SKU D1000-SB
  • NDS Valve Box
  • 10" x 15" x 10" Square
  • Drop-In Lid
  • Black Body
  • Green Lid
  • Designed to offer years of service under the most demanding outdoor conditions
  • UV inhibitors are added to prevent discoloration and deterioration; such as cracking or blistering
  • Round, oval and rectangular valve boxes available
  • 1-piece molded of polyolefin

NDS meter boxes and covers are injections molded of structural foam recycled polyolefin material with a melt index between 10-12. Coloring and UV stabilizers are added along with processing lubricants when needed.

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