Gilmour - Sprinkler/Soaking Hose 5/8'' x 50' - 871421-1001

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Gilmour 2-in-1 Sprinkler/Soaking Hose

Water narrow, curved or irregular patches of lawn with this 2-in-1 sprinkler and soaker hose. A low spray releases water at a consistent, controlled rate—perfect for new grass or fragile flowers. Sprinkler/soaker hose 3 tube - green - length 50 feet All in one sprinkler and soaker hose. For new grass, gardens, trees and shrubs. Consistent gentle spray. White stripe indicates proper positioning. Full-Flo brass couplings for unrestricted water flow. Light weight and flexible for easy handling. Removable end cap for flushing.

• White stripe indicator for proper positioning
• Includes removable end cap to connect multiple hoses
• Made from recycled material
• Lifetime warranty

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