Gilmour - Circular Sprinkler w/ Spike Base - 816703-1001

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Gilmour Pulsating Sprinkler- Powerful Performance with Even Coverage

The Gilmour pulsating sprinkler is designed with a wide range of features to satisfy all watering needs. Heavy duty metal head with a triple-spike base provide durability and stability during use. Distance and rotation controls allow for easy customization of the coverage area. A series connection gives an option of attaching additional sprinklers for watering multiple areas. This sprinkler is ideal for mature lawns or established shrubs and covers up to 5,800 square feet. This sprinkler is built to last and is a must-have in every homeowner’s arsenal.

The heft of rugged, heavy-duty materials combined with a spiked base that stays where you want it. Customizable circular spray pattern adjusts from partial- to full-circle coverage, while diffuser pin alters spray force from powerful jet to gentle rain. Ideal for large, mature lawns.


• Up to 5,800 sq. ft. coverage
• 86-ft. diameter circular spray pattern (43-ft spray distance)
• Adjustable collar for partial- to full-circle coverage
• Diffuser pin customizes spray, from powerful jet to gentle mist
• Lifetime Warranty


Distance Control

The distance control dial on the top of the sprinkler head allows you to adjust the spray distance.

Rotation Control

Use the adjustable collar to control the sprinkler head’s rotation. With the lever pushed down the sprinkler can be set to any part of circle coverage. With the lever flipped up, the sprinkler head will rotate in a full circle.

Spray Control

The diffuser screw allows for easy fingertip adjustment of the water stream. You can adjust the water spray from heavy stream to fine mist. 


The Gilmour pulsating sprinkler is engineered for maximum durability. It features heavy-duty brass and zinc head along with metal triple-spike base for extra stability. The base includes a foot step, which assures easy setup.

  • Connect the Gilmour pulsating sprinkler with a hose
  • Set partial rotary by using the two levers (one for the left, one for the right) or flip the metal lever up for full 360 rotation
  • Set the distance control dial on the top of the sprinkler head to adjust the spray distance
  • Turn the screw on the side of the head to adjust water spray from heavy stream to fine mist 

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