Galcon - 9001BT - Bluetooth Hose-End Timer

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The Galcon 9001BT is one of the newest Bluetooth Hose-End timers available. This easy to use timer can be programmed and controlled from the free App (Android or iOS) on your mobile device or by the simple buttons on the unit itself.  The timer communicates with your device via Bluetooth 4.0 from a line of sight range of 15 - 90 feet (depending on surroundings). You can manage one or many Galcon Bluetooth Timers and/or Controllers from a single App. Naming each one individually for easy organization.


  • Timer communicates with your device using Bluetooth 4.0 from a range of 15 - 90
  • Manage one to many controllers with one App
  • 3/4" Hose Thread Inlet/Outlet
  • Operating Pressure Range:  15-145 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 0.18-5.3 gal/min
  • Watering Duration: 1 min - 12 hours
  • Weekly and cyclical programming
  • Operates with one 9V alkaline battery (not included)
  • Use the free App (Android and iOS) on your mobile device to easily program and operate the controller.
  • The App is highly intuitive and programming is super easy. We made it so simple, we think that there is no need to read the User Manual to figure out which buttons to push.
  • Although you can still program the controller without your mobile device, when you use the App, there is no need to search for the controller that is hidden in the plants to make program changes.
  • The controller communicate with your device using Bluetooth 4.0 that require very low energy with a range of 5 to 30 meters (15 to 90 feet) away from the controller (depending on surroundings).
  • Manage a single controller to many controllers from the same App. We made it easy to select the controller you want to operate with the ability to name each controller, capture an image of the zone or upload a zone image from your Gallery
  • Weather resistant, 3/4" NH or BSP thread
  • Electric motor actuator
  • Pressure range 1-10 bar / 15-145 PSI
  • Flow rates 50-1200 liters/hour, 0.18-5.3 gal/min
  • Requires one 9V alkaline battery
  • Weekly and cyclical programming (varies by model)
  • Optional rain sensor connector

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