DIG - Mini-Compact Micro Sprinkler Series 866 - Micro sprinkler assembly with 24” micro tubing, anti-leak device .270 OD barb and weight - 52-866-xx-24

SKU 52-866-xx-24

Mini-compact model 52-866-xx is a highly efficient micro sprinkler
without a bridge, designed to irrigate in an inverted position for
greenhouses. It can be connected directly to a lateral vine with or
without an anti-leak device to prevent dripping at the beginning or at
the end of each irrigation cycle, keeping the entire line pressurized.


• Suits all applications in irrigation
and propagation
• Use in greenhouses and nurseries


• Excellent performance with uniform
water distribution
• Trouble-free operation even at
low pressure
• Color coded specially designed nozzle
with backup filter
• Firm compact construction without a
bridge gives a complete 360° circle
• Modular design allows for wide range of
interchangeable components
• Nozzle has a small backup filter for protection
against penetration of dirt
• Made of durable materials ensuring resistance to most
chemicals & fertilizers for long-lived, trouble-free operation
• Allows a large number of micro sprinklers to operate at the
same time due to lower flow rate
• Uniform growth of root system due to optimal ratio of water
in the soil

Performance and Technical Data

• Material: polyacetal
• Operating pressure: 15 - 35 PSI (1 - 2.4 BAR)
• Flow rates: 9 - 42 GPH (35 - 160 l/h)
• Diameter of coverage: 18’ - 29’ (5.5 - 8.7 m)

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