DIG - Mini-Compact Micro Sprinkler Series 861 - Mini-compact sprinkler assembly with 36” micro tubing, .270 OD barb and weight - 52-861-xx-36

SKU 52-861-xx-36

The mini-compact micro sprinklers present an advanced concept in micro irrigation
systems. The mini-compact micro sprinkler’s unique drive mechanism achieves strong
spinner propulsion at lower pressure. A small backup filter ensures extra protection and
also serves as a secondary nozzle, keeping the droplet size even and providing excellent
distribution uniformity. Mini-compact micro sprinklers use interchangeable components
with a large selection of nozzles suitable for applications in the irrigation of seedlings,
young saplings and mature trees.

• Use in orchards, greenhouses
and nurseries
• Can be used for frost protection and cooling

• Excellent performance with uniform
water distribution
• Large water passage
• Head closes downwards after operation
to prevent dirt and insects from entering
the sprinkler (insect-proof)
• Built-in filter
• Trouble-free operation even at
low pressure
• Strong spinner propulsion at low pressure
• Frame construction without a bridge
allows a complete 360° circle
• Available on 1⁄2” FNPT, or completely
assembled on 13” spike with 24” or 36”
.160 ID x .270 OD micro tubing
Made of durable materials, ensuring
resistance to most chemicals
and fertilizers
• The micro sprinkler has a small backup
filter for protection

Performance and Technical Data
• Material: polyacetal
• Operating pressure:
15 - 30 PSI (1 - 2.0 bar)
• Flow rates:
9 GPH - 42 GPH (34 l/h - 160 l/h)
• Diameter of coverage:
15’ - 28’ (4.5 m - 8.5 m)
• Pattern: 360°
• Trajectory angle: approximately 12°
• Droplet size: medium
• Filter requirement: minimum of 120 mesh
(130 micron)

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