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DIG - LEIT-2 Remote Control Handset - LEIT-RC2ET

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This LEIT-2 System combines LEIT-2 wireless irrigation controller powered by ambient light with the LEITRC2ET remote control handset. The LEIT-2 can operate up to 2 valves and a rain sensor using a highly efficient photovoltaic module fueled by ambient light. After installation, no further visits to the controller are required under normal conditions

Features & Benefits
The LEITRC2ET has an operating range of up to 350 ft. line of sight.
Radio frequency is in the ISM band 920 MHz, CE and FCC certified
LEITRC2ET handset can perform many functions such as review status, check history reports, adjust budgeting, program rain delays and perform manual runs
Large LCD display with user friendly icons for easy programming
Multilingual software in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese
When programs are changed the user can review the changes identifying the handset that made the changes
Provides controller status on connection
Client ID enables the user to have a unique identity code for their handset and controller; this is a security feature which locks out unauthorized users
Diagnostic setting alerts the user when there is a problem such as a short or open valve
Lets the user know the controller's last fully charge power level and alerts the user if not fully charged in more then one day pass
Environmentally friendly; certified lead free

Remote Access
Watering durations from 1 minute and up to 5:59 hours in 1 minute increments
2 programs with 4 start times per program
Custom programming with 7 day calendar or intervals of 1-30 days in odd/even or every day rotation
365 day calendar with leap year
Reconnect via the Find screen with up to the last 10 saved addresses
Status report provides various function information on the controller and controller programming
History report for each valve provides operating time for past and current month
Rain delay up to 99 days with auto-restart
Monthly Off feature allows any month of the year to be inactive
Permanent Events Off feature allows any 3 days of the year to be inactive and will override any programs that enter that time frame
Individual monthly water budgeting from 10-200% in 10% increments
Manual test of individual valve and manual program
Global Stop command will turn off all valves within radio range

The LEIT-2 System Key Benefit
The LEIT-2 system is a wireless system that combines a controller and handset
The LEIT-2 wireless system is environmentally friendly: Certified lead free, uses light as a source of energy (solar)
The LEIT-2 wireless system provides independent programming flexibility for each irrigation box or for two valves on the system
The LEIT-2 wireless system provides a wide range of options to manage the most complex landscaped areas such as watering schedules range from days of the week, odd/even days, or consecutively for up to 30 days that can be adjusted by a yearly budget
The LEIT-2 wireless system power is provided by an internal photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system fueled by ambient light (solar)

The LEIT-2 Powered by Photovoltaic Module
No more AC power needed or batteries to replace! The photovoltaic module in the LEIT-2 harnesses light energy to generate electricity that is stored and used to power the controller day and night in any kind of weather. In a normal day with direct sunlight, an average of 100,000-130,000 lux can be measured. The LEIT-2 controller only requires an average of 3,000 lux for a normal operation. Light illumination is measured in terms of lux (lx) or foot-candles (fc). A lux is equal to the total intensity of light that falls on a 3.5 square feet (one square meter) surface that is one foot away from the point source of light.

The LEIT-2 is an Environmentally Conscious Green Power Controller
Designed and engineered with the environment in mind. Creating a product that can use less energy and can be disposed of easily without adverse effects on the environment. The electronic assembly and components are certified lead free. The controller does not use a battery to store power; as a result, various toxic pollutants from lead are prevented. In addition, the controller is mounted directly or close to the valve all but eliminating the needs for long copper wires. Another environmental benefit t of the LEIT-2 controller is that it utilizes solar technology to collect ambient light to power the controller. Ambient light is natural light, or available light. LEIT-2 has been engineered to use energy so efficiently that only ambient light is needed to power the controller day and night in any kind of weather, anywhere in the world.

The LEIT-2 Wireless Handset Operates Up To 99 Controllers
The goal of the LEIT-2 system is to provide wireless irrigation control technology in a handheld remote that has the functions to support all the user needs. Once the LEIT-2 controller is installed there is no further reason to visit the controller because all programming, testing, and operations are conducted using the handset. Communication range between the handset and the controller can be established from up to 350' line of site. The handset communicates with the controllers using 2-way communication; after receiving the data the controller send confirmation back to the handset verifying successful transmission. The handset stores the addresses of the last 10 controllers it visited, enabling the user to easily reconnect with controllers on the grid.

The modular design of the LEIT-2 system means that no area is too small or purpose too large to benefit from the system's outstanding features. The LEIT-2 can function either as an individual wireless controller or as a component of a larger installation. There are many features in a LEIT-2 handset. There are 2 programs available with 4 start times per program for each valve. Programming durations can be set from 1 minute to 5:59 hours in 1-minute increments. The Global Stop command turns off all the valves within radio range. Programs can be uploaded or changed for up to 99 controllers. Operates up to 2 stations and a sensor without AC power hookup, batteries, or conventional solar panels

  • Dedicated sensor input allows for a sensor connection promoting better water efficiency
  • Non-volatile memory retains program and controller integrity forever (excludes time)
  • Large liquid crystal display with user-friendly icons for easy programming
  • Multilingual software in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese
  • Functions day and night in any weather and in most outdoor locations
  • All power is provided by an internal, ultra high efficiency photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system fueled by ambient light
  • Waterproof controller housing IP68 (controller only)
  • The controller operates in conjunction with the RC2 two-way radio handset that has an operating range of up to 350 ft. (100 meters), line of sight
  • Radio frequency is in the ISM band 902-928 MHz (868 international) CE and FCC certified
Owner's Manual

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