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DIG - EXL Fogger Series 500 - Single fogger assembly on 1/2'' FNPT base - 50-501-xx-0

by DIG
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The EXL 500 series low flow fogger heads used for cooling and humidifying
produce micro-sized droplets. Design flexibility is achieved with
interchangeable nozzles to maximize the cooling and humidifying options.
DIG'S EXL 50-500-xx fogger can significantly reduce the temperature inside
greenhouses to maintain ideal temperature and humidity.

"¢ Mist cooling and humidifying
"¢ Root development

"¢ Incorporates a vortex mechanism, breaking
the water into micro-sized droplets
"¢ Used for overhead cooling and humidifying
in a closed structure
"¢ Interchangeable color coded nozzles
"¢ Can be used on an anti-leak device with
one, four fogging head assemblies
"¢ Designed without a bridge to prevent
"¢ Three part construction with O-ring for
a tight seal
"¢ Manufactured from superior durable plastics
for extended life operation
"¢ Available on 1„2" or 3„8" threaded base or
completely assembled with 24" (60 cm)
with 160 ID x .270 OD micro tubing, weight
and anti-leak device

Performance and Technical Data
"¢ Material male and female body: polybutylene
(PB); O-ring: Buna N; nozzle: acetal
"¢ Operating pressure: 35 to 80 psi
(2.4 -5.5 BAR)
"¢ Nominal flow rate at 50 PSI (3.5 BAR)
"¢ Pattern: 360°
"¢ Trajectory angle: approximately 30-35°
"¢ Average droplet size is 50-100 microns
"¢ Filter requirements: flow up
to 1.5 GPH (6 l/h) minimum of 200 mesh
(80 microns), 2 GPH (8 l/h) and 155 mesh
(100 micron)
"¢ Used only with anti-leak
model 52-530-x



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