Armada Technologies - PRO-93 True RMS 2-Wire Milliamp Clamp Meter

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Electrical troubleshooting for a 2-wire system or LED lighting can be complicated. And without the capability to measure whether or not the right amount of current is being used, you're flying blind.

Two-Wire irrigation systems require a different set of tools to diagnose electrical problems, and decoders in these systems run on milliamp-sized current. That's why a clamp multimeter that measures milliamps, such as the Armada Pro93 True RMS 2-Wire Milliamp Clamp Multimeter, is perfect for the job.

The Pro93 also utilizes True RMS technology. True RMS stands for "Root Mean Squared", which is an obscure term if you're not an electrical engineer. But in practice, it means the Pro93 uses the most accurate measuring system available, rather than conventional averaging clamp multimeters.  That is especially important with modern LED lighting that requires accurate loading to ensure that fuses aren't blown.

How Does the Pro93 Milliamp Multimeter Work?

The Pro93 makes diagnosing cable faults in 2-wire and LED lighting systems simple and easy to perform.

By utilizing the Pro93's sensitive AC clamp (which appears as a loop at the top of the meter), a technician can determine the troubled section of cable, splice, or decoder.  Usually, this comes in the form of a ground voltage leak in a 2-Wire system.  Armada's Pro93 model measures AC milliamp current leakage down to 50 micro amps simply by using the integrated clamp over one conductor of the 2-wire cable in question. This is done at various points in the system, usually right at the decoder or a splice. Any unusual drop in the milliamp current indicates a problem.

In addition to milliamp readings, VAC, VDC, Ohms, and HZ measurements are available, and all utilize a built-in auto ranging function for easy use. The Pro93 also includes 2 AAA batteries, a soft shell carrying case and is covered with a 12 month warranty.

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